18 Statewide Commission Members work in conjunction with 36 Regional Commission Members who receive non-binding recommendations from 72 Regional Advisory Committee Members. Of the 18 Statewide Commission Members, 12 were appointed by the Governor, and three each appointed by the Senate and Assembly. Regional Commission Members are appointed by the Governor, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Speaker of the Assembly.

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Statewide Commission Members

Statewide Commission members will vote on all issues before the Commission.

Regional Commission Members

There are six regional members of the Commission for each of the six regions. Of the 36 Regional Commission members, 30 have been appointed to date.

Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) Members

Each region's Regional Advisory Committee shall develop non-binding recommendations for reconfiguring its region's hospital and nursing home bed supply to align bed supply with regional and local needs. Of the 72 RAC members, 45 have been appointed to date.